1000w alavên kilîtkêş ên hêja yên lazer ên hêja

Cutting Machine Cutting Machine Laser Affordable 1000W

Serlêdana Hilberê

Ew Accurl@ Fiber Lasers bring you a cost effective, low-maintenance, low operating cost,environmentally friendly solution to your organization. We deliver a machine that providesquality cutting and tolerances with small productivity loss between jobs, equating to higher returnon investments. Our fiber laser cutting machines are developed and sold based on these criteria.

Manufactured by people who use their own machines.
• The resonator comes with a 100,000 hour warranty from the manufacturer (IPG)
• Higher cutting speeds possible
• Dual interchangeable tables allow for faster loading and unloading, reducing downtime
• Laser wavelength is one-tenth of a CO2 laser
• Reduction in cutting variables or tribal knowledge
• Fiber Laser is extremely efficient, equates to very low power consumption
• Low cost of operation, energy cost reduced, no laser gases requied to produce beam
• High cutting flexibility (Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, and more)

• Laser beam transmitted through a fiber optic.cable rather than with mirrors and channel tubing resulting in negligible power loss.

• Created and tested in a 100,000 sq ft Research and Development facility operating 9 metal cutting fiber Lasers, cutting 24/7.

Taybetmendiyên sereke

•The ACCURL@ Fiber Lasers bring a cost eᴀective, low-maintenance, low operating cost and environ-mentally friendly solution to your organization. Our ἀber laser machines provide quality cutting and tolerances with minimal productivity loss between jobs, equating to a higher re turn on investment.

• Acceleration speed: 19,6 m/s2 (2G).
• Maximum simultaneous positioning speed: 160m/min.
• Precision: + - 0.05 mm.
• Energy efficiency: greatly reduced power consumption.
• Excellent cutting quality for fine thic kness and medium thickness sheet metals.
• IPG Resonator. Power output from 1 kw to 6 kw .
• Precitec light cutter cutting head with po wer output up to 2kw.
• Precitec HP cutting head for po wer output of more than 2kw.
• Fully enclosed and cabinned to ensur e máximum operator protection.
• Effective high to low pressure gas exchange system.
• Capacitative Sensor, high pressure cutting head.
• TCI Cutting parameter tables.
• Pre-cut film protector.
• Automatic mechanized Nesting power output control function (edges, start-ups).
• Automatic time and unit cost calculation function.
• Network connection from external.
• Automatic table exchanger (included in series models).
• Smoke extraction (included in series models).
• 3 point reference sensor (sheet metal rotation detector).
• Piercing Sensor.
• Collection of work pieces and trimmings.
• Dual proportional valve control system for different gas pressures and special system for high pressure cutting.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal Parametreyên Teknîkî
Model No.


Tîpa Laser
                                                   IPG / Coherent / Raycus
Hêza Laser




Qada Qirîn


Struktura Sifrê ya Kar

Tabloya xebatê ya rast

Guheztina paletê

Pergala Kontrolê

Kontrola servo ya loop-dagirtî ya PMAC

Cihbûnê Paqijkirin


Mode Driving

Rêzika ajotinê ya duwemîn

Idle / Leza Diravkirinê

72m / min / 36m / min

100m / min / 30m / min

Serê Laser

Precitec / Laser Mech

Pergala germbûnê

Temperatureilavkera ava germê ya dualî

Pergala Parastinê

Tîpa vekirî

Parastina dorpêçkirinê

Format Piştgirî


Navê min

380V / 220V

Hêza Total

7KW / 11KW

17KW / 8 ~ 22KW

Cihê Jêra

5.6mx 3.2m

9m X 4m

Agahdariya Bilez

Serlêdan: Qirkirina lazer
Itionert: Nû
Laser Tîpa: Laser laser
Applicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Metal, Paper, plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber
Rêzika birrînê: 0-8mm
Navbera birrînê: 1500 * 3000mm
Lezgîniya Cutting: 0-40000mm / min
CNC an na: Erê
Mode Cooling: Germbûna avê
Nermalava Kontrolê: Qedexe
Graphic Format Supported: DWG, DXF, DXP
Cihê Origin: Anhui, Chinaîn (Mainland)
Brand Name:ACCURL
Certification: CE, ISO, SGS
Karûbarê piştî firotanê pêşkêşî: Endezyarên li makîneyên karûbarê derveyî peyda dibin
Laser power: 1000W IPG
Cutting width: 2000mm
Cutting Length: 4000mm
Working table: Open design, fixed table
Rêbaza ajotinê: Pergala ajotinê ya drav û pinionê du caran
Format supported: PLT, DXF, AI etc
Position accuracy: 0.01mm
Total Power consumption: 23KW
Keyword: Fabric Laser Cutter


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