makîneya birrîna lîreyê tîrêjê 700w tîrêjê tîrêjê tîrêjê ji bo birrîna lazer 2mm kûpa bakûr

Agahdariya Bilez

Serlêdan: Qirkirina lazer
Itionert: Nû
Laser Tîpa: Laser laser
Applicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Metal, Paper, plastic, Rubber
Rêzika birrînê: 0-8mm
Navbera birrînê: 1500 * 3000mm
Lezgîniya Cutting: 0-40000mm / min
CNC an na: Erê
Mode Cooling: Germbûna avê
Nermalava Kontrolê: Qedexe
Graphic Format Supported: DWG, DXF, DXP
Cihê Origin: Anhui, Chinaîn (Mainland)
Navê Brand: ACCURL
Model Number: KJG-1530DT, NF1530-1000W
Certification: CE, ISO, SGS
Karûbarê piştî firotanê pêşkêşî: Endezyarên li makîneyên karûbarê derveyî peyda dibin
Laser power: 1000W IPG
Cutting width: 2000mm
Cutting Length: 4000mm
Working table: Open design, fixed table
Rêbaza ajotinê: Pergala ajotinê ya drav û pinionê du caran
Format supported: PLT, DXF, AI etc
Position accuracy: 0.01mm
Total Power consumption: 23KW
Keyword: makîneya birrîna lazer manufacturer

• Manufactured by people who use their own machines.
• The resonator comes with a 100,000 hour warranty from the manufacturer (IPG)
• Higher cutting speeds possible
• Dual interchangeable tables allow for faster loading and unloading, reducing downtime
• Laser wavelength is one-tenth of a CO2 laser
• Reduction in cutting variables or tribal knowledge
• Fiber Laser is extremely efficient, equates to very low power consumption
• Low cost of operation, energy cost reduced, no laser gases requied to produce beam
• High cutting flexibility (Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, and more)
• Laser beam transmitted through a fiber optic.cable rather than with mirrors and channel tubing resulting in negligible power loss.
• Created and tested in a 100,000 sq ft Research and Development facility operating 9 metal cutting fiber Lasers, cutting 24/7.