Pergala qutkirina fîberê ya girtî ya tevahî ya bi tabloya bihêzkirî

pergalên qutkirina lazer

Taybetmendiyên hilberê

The strong frame is completely welded, cast-aluminum cross girder; 600ºC high temperature annealing treatment and 12 meters large CNC gantry fine milling to ensure achieve long-term Wse without deforming. Equipped with the most advanced wireless handheld terminal, it can perform processing by remote control. Adopts imported Germany CNC system, high-performance AC servo motor and driver. It's a high-tech product integrated with advanced technology such as pneumatic, mechanic, photoelectric and CNC etc.

Materyalên Bijare

Mainly applied for all kinds of sheet metal materials non-contact fast cutting, engraving and drilling, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, manganese steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and metal pipe processing, etc.
Applicable Industry

Widely used in all kinds of metal cutting industries such as metal working, kitchen and bathroom wares, advertising & signs, lighting & hardware, electrical cabinets, auto parts, machinery and equipment, appliance, precision parts, and so on.

Technical Table

Hêza Laser500W-8000W(Optional)500W-8000W(Optional)
Qada xebatê3000 * 1500mm4000*2000mm/6000*2000mm
Serfiraziya Hêzê ya Total10Kw<60KW10Kw<62Kw
Transmission ModeRack and Pinion, Dual DriveRack and Pinion, Dual Drive
Voltage and Frequency380V 50Hz(60Hz)380V 50Hz(60Hz)

Agahdariya bingehîn

Teknolojiya Laser: Qutkirina Laser Fusion
Model No: GS-3015ce
Laser Source: Ipg Fiber Laser
Working Area: 3000*1500mm
Pakêta Transportê: Ji hêla Plywood-ê ve hatî pak kirin
Specification: CE, SGS
Inêkirin: Chinaîn
Koda HS: 8456100090